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EE Live! Conference

The conference program at EE Live! will take place in San Jose March 31 – April 3, 2014 (Monday – Thursday) for four days of sessions, tutorials, boot camps, summits and post-mortem discussions on a comprehensive selection of engineering design topics taught by leading industry experts. We will be offering exclusive 2 day Boot Camps and Tutorials taught from a highly practical perspective to allow engineers to create more effective and efficient designs and systems. The ESC (The Embedded Systems Conference) will return and is built around the essential tool kit of the embedded designer. Engineering Summits will teach embedded engineers the skills to take the basic embedded system and design them into new products and applications with a focus on security and connectivity.

Sessions at the EE Live! are divided into seven programs and several tracks. This year's main conference programs include the following:

ESC – Embedded Systems Conference

Monday – Thursday

Take a deep technical dive into the emerging tools and techniques used to successfully reduce time, cost, and complexity in the embedded development process and strategies for optimizing their designs. ESC sessions will cover urgent challenges for today’s firmware, hardware, and software engineers, including evaluating real-time performance and power consumption in the face of smaller processors and SOCs, achieving predictability and reliability in systems design, writing efficient code, and countering security issues that are unique to embedded system—such as weaknesses in hardware interfacing, multitasking and timing.

Android Engineering Certificate Program

Monday – Tuesday

Our two-day, hands-on Embedded Android™ Workshop teaches you Android from an embedded perspective. You'll learn how to use Android as the operating system for embedded systems that are not cell phones, as well as how to control embedded systems via off-the-shelf Android devices—all illuminated by hands-on exercises with a tablet and development kit which are yours to keep.

Super C++ Tutorial
Stroustrup & Sutter

Monday – Tuesday

Whether you’ve only used C++ for a year or are a top C++ guru, the Super C++ Tutorial is a rare opportunity for you to spend time with two world leaders in C++. Instructors Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, and Herb Sutter, the chair of the ISO C++ committee, will present the most important things C++ developers need to know in 2014 in this two-day training opportunity.

FPGA Engineering Boot Camp

Monday – Tuesday

FPGA design options continue to expand. High speed transceivers, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Processing, C-to-RTL tool flow options. This boot camp will help you understand available manufacturer, technology, language, device-level design block and design tool options. The focus is on real-world engineering implementation tradeoffs and how to avoid and mitigate common design challenges and mistakes.

Black Hat Engineering Summit

Wednesday – Thursday

This summit provides essential information and tools, alongside a forum for the discussion and evaluation of the latest solutions for securing embedded systems from threats in today's global environment. Electronics professionals who attend this summit will come away with a greater understanding of security risks to the information infrastructures and computer systems with which they work every day.

Hardware Startup Engineering Summit

Tuesday – Wednesday

Whether you’re contemplating your own hardware startup or looking to gain more insight into the overall product development process, this summit will show you how to successfully navigate your way through the trade-offs and challenges inherent in every step from board design and prototyping to funding and manufacturing. Taught exclusively by engineers who've been there and done that.

IoT Engineering Summit

Wednesday – Thursday

The coming Internet of Things (IoT) is quite possibly the biggest change impacting electronics design engineers today. Learn from experts and practitioners about opportunities and challenges in connecting embedded systems to the cloud—from end nodes and gateways, networking strategies , operating systems and middleware stacks, to the latest trends in security, sensors, and business models.